A firework display of colours


The Rigi Mountain is favourite tourist destination for the Swiss. It is not even 2000m ASL, but is still the “Queen of all Mountains”. How did that happen? Well, tradition ennobles mountains too! So, the Rigi may hold this title with pride.
Mountain tourism (which, of course, was not its name back then) was finally discovered here in 1816.

200 years ago, the Rigi initially attracted explorers, adventurers, writers and artists. It wasn’t long before the beautiful wealthy people from many countries held court at the Kulm Hotel. More freedom and cheaper travel meant that completely normal citizens could discover the Rigi for themselves, too. Since then, the Queen of all Mountains has had many visitors every year.

Number 1 Tourist Destination

Even the goats think it’s great!

The panoramic view
will take you to cloud nine

The play of colours and the special lighting are always different and always enthralling.


If the high fog in the valley is grey and heavy and putting a downer on proceedings, maybe the sun is smiling down on the Rigi. It is worth glancing at the webcam, because the experience when the mountaintops rise up out of the sea of fog on all sides is unparalleled.

The history of the Rigi as a spectacular panoramic mountain starts at a time when the all-round view at the top was still to be rewarded with a sudden surge in popularity and long before a hotel bed was available for hikers at Rigi Kulm.

There is not another place on earth where the sunrises are as overwhelmingly beautiful as they are on the Rigi. The pictures give you an insight into the never-ending facets of this spectacle of nature. To experience sunrise live is an experience that fills you with joy.


Romantic views

A short getaway does you the world of good. Taking a step back from everyday life is a gift that you should give yourself on a regular basis. Plus, it’s also a nice idea for a present.

Exhibition in the Kulm Hotel

In the “From pimples to selfie sticks – 200 years of Rigi Kulm” exhibition, the guests’ motifs from every age will come to life through their travel accessories. A short, but exciting journey through the ages.