Exhibition: 200 years of Rigi Kulm

“From pimples to selfie sticks”

The first inn on the Rigi Kulm has been open to summitteers since 1816. It wasn’t long before the beautiful, wealthy people from many countries held court at the Kulm Hotel. More freedom and cheaper travel meant that completely normal world citizens and confederates could discover the Rigi for themselves, too. Since then, the Queen of all Mountains has had many visitors every year.

In the “From pimples to selfie sticks – 200 years of Rigi Kulm” exhibition, the guests’ motifs from every age will come to life through their travel accessories. The view of accessories hailing from the last 200 years suggests how the public and public need has changed. 

A mountain experience since 1816

A short, but exciting journey through the ages

The exhibition begins in the newly expanded access tunnel to the Kulm Hotel and continues into the house.