The Queen of all Mountains is calling


Spring freshness on Rigi Kulm

The Rigi Kulm Hotel will be closed to and including 25 April 2023.

During the annual operating vacations in the off-season, we make
the restaurants and hotel fit for spring and summer.

See you soon on Rigi Kulm!
Family Käppeli & Team

Much more than seminar rooms

The uniqueness of the place creates space for new thoughts. Well-equipped seminar rooms are available in the Rigi Kulm-Hotel with all-round service for day events or seminars with overnight stays.

Catering until end of April

Those who visit the Rigi during our company vacations can, can cater for themselves for example at Rigi Staffel. And at the Rigi Kulm station, a barbecue truck is open. On April 26, 2023, we’ll be back with a fresh start at the Rigi Kulm Hotel.

Special hotel experience

We are happy to serve our hotel guests à la carte in the evening. The sunrise on Rigi Kulm is a dreamlike experience and a crowning highlight of a stay at the Rigi Kulm Hotel.

Company vacation

Our hotel and restaurants are closed. Maintenance work will take place during the annual company vacations. On April 26, 2023, we will start the next season. We are already looking forward to your visit at the Rigi Kulm Hotel!

Gutschein Rigi Kulm

Mother’s Day is on May 14

Give your mother or your loved one a special gift. For Mother’s Day, treat her to a voucher for a wonderful stay on the Queen of the Mountains or a delicious lunch in our restaurant.

The perfect place for celebrations

We want our guests to be completely satisfied! At the Rigi Kulm Hotel & Restaurant your event will be an unforgettable experience. Rigi Kulm as a venue for events.

While the view from the Rigi is legendary, the mountain experience is unparalleled. The 360º all-round view at 1800m ASL depicts the incredible number of 125 named Alpine peaks and 13 lakes. If you stay at the Rigi Kulm-Hotel, you’ll have the chance to witness the divine spectacle of colours at sunrise and sunset.

Upon seeing the rippling waves from the sea of fog, many struggle to find the right words to describe this experience and often just smile quietly and joyfully. The nighttime tranquillity is pure relaxation, in which you can even look out for shooting stars. The Kulmhaus was opened on the Rigi in 1816. In 2016, the Rigi Kulm-Hotel was celebrating its 200th anniversary.

Hospitality with tradition!


Self-service restaurant at lunchtime

The cuisine on offer at the Rigi Kulm-Hotel is something quite different. You can sit out on the sun deck with a local Rigi sausage, a portion of chips and a Coke … the view of the Alpine panorama is included. In the Jugendstil dining room, you will be served an exclusive 4 course meal, supplemented with a fine wine.


You quickly feel at home at the Rigi Kulm-Hotel. The host family, the Käppelis, who have owned the Kulm Hotel since 1949, are delighted to personally see to its guests’ well-being.


All 33 rooms have been refurbished and decorated with the colours of sunrise. They also have hardwood flooring and comfortable beds. Wi-Fi is available both in the rooms and the whole hotel.


In the à la carte restaurant in the Jugendstil room, the menu and ambiance are particularly pleasing. This is where the Kulm Hotel’s tradition is sustained, but they are nothing if not flexible. Guests enjoy the food and the familial atmosphere here.


Time for two

Make the dearest person by your side happy. Enjoy the “Romantic Views” arrangement with an overnight stay in a stylishly elegant room with double bathtub, a 4-course dinner and the indescribably beautiful 360° panorama.